Mole-d Tacos

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! A long time ago I used to live on the West Coast and when I made the move to New York I was naive in thinking I would get the same food here as I did there. It was a cultural shock to my system when I realized it was a completly different life in New York, I have grown a deep, deep love for New York, and I absolutely love it here. I can’t ever imagine moving back. This recipe is close to the style of street taco you would eat from the West Coast. Its delicious, and when I make them, I always feel a bit of nostalgia!!

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Once you make the the ground beef you can assemble your taco any way you like. You can fry up corn shells, or use soft. Once I even made them by frying up wonton wrappers and serving it like a taco. That was a huge hit. These days I am much more busy to get too deep with my cooking, but you can turn this recipe into your own materpiece!

Mexican Chili Powder
Dried Chili Peppers
12inch skillet
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