Lemon Loaf

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One of my most favorite things about the start of the new year, is that it is citrus season! I love the freshness it brings to my kitchen when Christmas has just passed. I really love citrus year round, as most of us do, but if you ever make food when the food is actually in season, it’s so much better!! Most lemons are in season till early Spring, so this loaf cake is perfect to help us get through these last chilly days.

This lemon loaf cake is the best I’ve got for loaf cakes, it uses cake flour, which creates a really flaky texture. If you have never used cake flour in a recipe, this is a great first time recipe for that. Cake flour is low is protien and very finely ground. It produces cakes that are a fine, soft texture. If you are a lemon lover, this loaf cake is for you!

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I really recommend this loaf pan, it presents really beautifully for a loaf cake, and this zester, zests these beautiful strips of lemon, which creates better flavor when you combine it with the sugar.

Loaf Pan

Cake Flour
Mixing Bowls

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