Basil CousCous Salad

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Lets start the week off right with a really good Spring salad. If you have been following me long enough then you know I LOVE salad. I serve it with almost all my dinners. Even my toddlers love it. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than a salad with good texture, and by that I mean layers of crunchy, soft, sweet, cheesy goodness. If a salad doesn’t have substance is it even enjoyable??!! I love to taste all the yummy flavor. This salad has all that.

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This salad uses coucous as a soft texture component. If you haven’t ever seen coucous I’ve linked it below, but it is simple to make and delicious. “It is a staple of North African cusine. It can be cooked and served with milk as porridge, with a dressing on salad or sweetened and mixed with fruits for desserts. The name couscous refers to the famous dish Magherb which semolina or cracked wheat is steamed in the perforated top of a special pot called couscoussiére, while meat, vegetables and raisins are simmered in the bottom part.” It’s fasinating to know about where our food comes from. In this salad it makes a great flavor, texture and yumminess to all the other ingredients.

The other part of salads that is key to have delicious flavor is the dressing. Homemade is always the most flavorful, healthiest and by far most delicious. This basil dressing always surprises people with how much they end up loving it. It might sound like an interesting combination, but have faith that this all pulls together beautifully.

Pearl Couscous
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