Asiago Pasta Salad

I didn’t even realize that it was Memorial Day till yesterday. I just I’m so caught up in the stay home, don’t know what’s happening life!!! So, after realizing that I thought I better get with it and start to keep track of the days and what’s happening again!! Ha-ha.

I just happened to make this salad for our family a few nights ago. We are big pasta lovers in our house, and we LOVE a good pasta salad for the summer. This one is so simple, because there is really only the work of cooking the noodles and tossing everything else together. No chopping!!!! I love that about this yummy side dish.

If you are a cheese lover, like me, then you will love this dish as well, the Asiago makes it so yummy! We will be eating it again for the holiday on Monday.

With the warm weather here and the leaves on the tress, it feels like a bit of life has returned. I put all my flags out and I’m hanging the one on our barn today and I just love this season! Living on this cute little farm makes it extra festive for the summer holidays and I love that! Happy Memorial Day weekend!!