Insta Pot Creamy Ziti

This is seriously the BEST homemade pasta I’ve ever made. It’s super simple, no work, no fuss and it will be everyone’s favorite. If you can find a can of cherry tomatoes in puree the flavor is crazy good!!

I made this on one of the first days we stayed home for quarantine. Today marks day #101. Things are just starting to open up and come alive again. Which is sort of a relief and scary all at the same time!! I’ve cooked much more than usual and spent so much time with my babies which I will always look back on and charish. It really in a crazy way was a gift to me. I try and always find the good in hard things, and there is so much if we just look for it. Take a moment this summer and be grateful for all the freedoms we have and all the blessing we get.

AND If you have sauce at the bottom of your plate when you’re finished just scoop it up with the bread! I promise I won’t tell!