Chocolate Chip Cookies

Truly the key to any successful bake is to follow the directions perfecly. Be patient and the outcome will be a good one. The one mistake that everyone makes is that they over mix their cookies. Over mixing your cookies will leave them flat when they are finished baking. Most cookies except sugar should generally be mixed by hand with a wooden spoon. If you need pressure to cream your butter and sugar than a hand mixer is just fine. The stand mixer is too strong for your cookies. This is all true for these cookies. The cookie scoop is the key to this cookie as well, if you use anything bigger or smaller the bake willl be wrong, you’ll either have overdone or underdone cookies and no one likes that when you go to all the effort. These cookies have been my pride and JOY with my buiness. They have given me another level of success. They are big, probably just about the size of your palm and they taste crazy good. I truly hope that this recipe brings you as much joy as it has to me.x

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Cookie Scoops
Reusable Slip Mat
Mini Chocolate Chips
Wooden Spoon
Hand Mixer
Cooling Rack