Street Corn Pasta Salad

I usually write my blog posts when my girls are napping, but today it was either have my sweet Cosette nap in my arms or blog, clearly I chose to snuggle my baby, but truthfully I think I am the one who needed the snuggles more!!!

To me, is it even summer without pasta salad and corn for every meal?! I mean, I LOVE pasta salad. It’s probably because I love carbs and I LOVE mayo, so combined together with veggies is like a dreamy dish to me. ha-ha Plus corn is the summer favorite! Corn is so good this time of year. The original recipe called for grilling the corn on the cob, which you can do, but with how busy my life is, I simplified it and just used canned.

I love the corn in this salad, it adds such a nice crunch! The color is pleasing, and then combined with such a yummy dressing, this one might be my new favorite.